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adventure - a way of life
Inspirational : free solo climbing the world
Professional adventurer
Activités nature en Nouvelle Calédonie
Stefan Kuttel - cool cycling Swiss, met in Tasmania
Phil Harwood`s incredible trip
My Canadian adventure has started with Chic.
The Music
Learning to fly paragliders and hanggliders with awesome people : Lisa & John
Friendly cycling Dutch, met in Sicily
cycling from Sweden to New Zealand - Ann Johansson, met in Ljusne, Sweden :-)
weather service
Mingmar, good friend & excellent Nepali guide
weather service
Wyprawy rowerowe Igora & Lucyny Czajkowskich (spotkani na Korsyce)
Raul, friendly Spaniard met in Vallee de Pineta, Aragon, Spain
looking for extreme cold weather outfit ?
nauka plywania TI w Gdyni
Looking for bike-touring information? Check this!
Ispirational : solo sous voile autour du monde sans escale ni assistance
Dutch born mountaineer & photographer (met in Calgary Canada)
Cycling from Geneva Lake to Mediterranean sea
Inspirational : run&fly across Alps
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